Chicken Essence for Enhancing Energy Levels

Chicken Essence for Enhancing Energy Levels

Your cognition and mood are often times good predictors of how your day will be. Ability to focus on mental tasks and possessing an elated mood to motivate you through it make the goal of the day achievable. Because of that, many people are on the lookout for any option that can help to enhance their energy. With a sip of coffee in the morning, for example, you may find yourself to be more productive and motivated to work. This is because of the effect of caffeine that helps reduce mental fatigue while boosting your mood.1 Several studies have also been made to study the effect of tea, aromatherapy, music, hormone therapy and other interventions affecting the cognition and mood of individuals.

Chicken essence, a popular supplement in Southeast Asia is known to improve cognition and reduce fatigue. Consisting mainly of proteins, it is high in the peptides carnosine and anserine, which are also found in high concentrations in the human brain. Previous research has found that chicken essence intake reduced the fatigue and stress induced by demanding mental tasks. Given its mentioned benefits, it is aptly reasonable to consider the effect of chicken essence on cognition and mood.

In a study involving young adults that were given either chicken essence or a placebo for ten days, intake of chicken essence resulted in them feeling more energetic, having faster reaction times, improved working memory and faster recovery from a stressor. This was reflected through a series of tests involving mental tasks, questionnaires on mood and the measurement of cortisol levels, a stress hormone that was reported to recover more quickly in those who consumed chicken essence. 2

While the exact mechanisms of how chicken essence affects cognition and mood have not been fully elucidated, carnosine and anserine peptides, which are found abundantly in chicken meat,  are likely candidates that contribute to better cognitive functions and mood.



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