Principal’s message

Birds are a vital indicator of the health of an ecosystem and are a key source of nutrition within many food webs. They can literally be considered as “barometers of the environment”. Over the centuries, there has been significant growth in demand for poultry related products and yet a serious decline in their habitats due to human interventions. There are also other elements such as the Avian Flu that have had significant detrimental effects on poultry populations worldwide. This entire equation is not sustainable and there may be a severe impact to poultry supplies in the decades to come.

The Avian Science Institute was established to provide a leadership position in the industry firstly in clinically proving the nutritional benefits and efficacies of poultry related products, particularly Essence of Chicken, and secondly in developing and enhancing the quality standards of Edible Bird’s Nest. Through the research carried out, we endeavour to provide the community with superior nutrition derived from natural sources, education to understand the efficacies and benefits, as well as to play a pivotal role in industry and academia by contributing knowledge, know-how and most importantly scientific evidence.

To ensure the sustainability of these key avian sources of food, the Institute’s conservation activities encompass not only in-depth research about various avian habitats but also partnerships and collaborations with other businesses to develop more stringent monitoring and mitigation plans for supply chain continuity. We are proud to have an association with a bird sanctuary established in Japan since the 1970s, as well as a fund set up in the 1980s dedicated to worldwide bird conservation. Since then, there have been numerous campaigns and educational camps that are regularly held to educate the public or recognize others for their efforts related to bird conservation activities.

It is our team’s goal to turn insight into action, adversity into opportunity and to leverage on scientific knowledge to substantiate all our activities that will benefit the greater community.


Gen Saito