Chief research officer’s message

The avian species has been known to exist since the age of dinosaurs and comparison between the fossils and genome of prehistoric birds versus current avian specimens show many similarities. We look to science to give us guidance and understanding of the evolution of the species, why it has been so important as a nutrition source in food webs and for humans, and how human interventions have interrupted the ecosystems that the avian species thrive in.

The Institute has a team of specialized researchers dedicated to identifying bioactives and clinically proving the mechanisms of action resulting in the health benefits and efficacies of Essence of Chicken. Research on dipeptides such as carnosine and anserine, which are only found in meat products and are expressed in higher levels in chicken as compared to many other avian and mammal species, has led us to prove various hypothesis in relation to efficacies observed from Essence of Chicken. Identifying technologies that can assist our team and industry players in improving the quality and genuineness of edible bird’s nest is also part of the team’s responsibility.

Our team is endeavouring to expand the research focus to include other avian species and to look at establishing key criteria that encourage certain avian species to thrive. This is also part of our effort to ensure sustainability of the avian species and to highlight the urgency and need to conserve the habitats.

There is mounting scientific evidence highlighting the importance for us to maintain a harmonious and sustainable relationship with a species that has survived millions of years, and especially one that has been part of many food webs for centuries.


Yoshihiro Nakao Ph. D.

Chief Research Officer